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Ryen has a native WordPress plug-in that helps you embed bots in your WordPress site.

Of course, before using it, you need to create and publish your first Ryen.

WP plugin preview

The code snippet to paste is easily configurable in the Share tab of your bot after clicking on the "Wordpress" button.

Personalize user experience

You can leverage the prefilled variables and inject your user information directly into your Ryen so that the experience is entirely customized to your user.

Here are the available variables from WordPress, make sure to create them in your Ryen's variables dropdown:

WP predefined variables

You can use these variables anywhere on your Ryen. For more informations, check out the Prefilled variables doc

Your Ryen isn't showing?

You have litespeed with "Localise Resources" enabled

There is an a box where there is a list of URLs it localises, one of them was ‘’. This URL should be removed from it since it is used to import the embed library.

You have litespeed with cache enabled

Make sure to insert web.js and ryen in the JS Excludes textbox and JS Deferred Excludes under Tuning Settings.

You have a cache plugin

Plugins like WP Rocket prevent Ryen to work.

For WP Rocket:

  1. Go to Settings > WP Rocket > Excluded Inline Javascript:
WP plugin preview
  1. Type "ryen"
  2. Save

You have plugin that adds defer attribute to external scripts

You need to add an exception for Ryen in the corresponding plugin config.

Still not working

Contact us on the application using the Ryen at the bottom right corner