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Why some of my results are empty?

Your Ryen collects results as soon as your user answers the first input. If other inputs have a blank answer, it means the user never answered them and left the bot.

How can I delete a block or an edge?

You can right-click on most elements in the graph to open up a contextual menu.

Is human takeover is available on Ryen?

Live chat is not natively integrated. Ryen is specifically built for async chats. You can still have a human takeover feature using the Chatwoot block. It will open a Chatwoot live chat box whenever the block is hit.

You can also implement great customer support with Ryen by using a ticketing system such as Freshdesk or Zendesk. You can create a ticket each time your user answers the bot.

Is there an affiliate program available?

We're not planning on having a Ryen affiliation program.

We hope you will recommend Ryen for free. 🤝